I’ve been blogging professionally about video games and esports for over 5 years, starting out independently with gaming tutorials. I’ve dabbled in video content occasionally too. For me, the biggest obstacle to overcome with a very hands-on career and two kids is self-care.

When my second kid was tiny I started doing nail art. I might be a hot mess otherwise, especially in that phase of a newborn’s life where showering every three days or so means you’re doing real well, but if I took an hour for myself every week to make sure my nails were on point I still felt human. As life got a bit more manageable, I decided to take my new hobby and do what I do best: tutorials! Pretty much all I needed to do was turn a camera on while I did my nails! And edit the video. And create a thumbnail, using a unified brand which I also had to create. Oh, and edit a separate video just for Instagram. And manage all my social media.

…yeah, I’m still pretty lousy about self-care.

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