How to refill nail oil pens

Nail oil pens are one of the most convenient, yet effective, nail and cuticle care products on the market. However, due to the ratcheting action — they can only be turned in one direction — you can only use them once. Unless, of course, you know how to hack the system and refill them!

There are two types I’ve found. There’s the fully solid mechanism, which is similar to the Bliss Kiss pens or the ones I get empty off Amazon, and there’s a spring mechanism which I’ve gotten from various nail art places like Born Pretty Store.

I like to refill mine not only to save money, but because it gives me control over the oils I add. I try not to touch my face but even so, things happen. When I use the oils in the pens I get from nail art stores, occasionally my face will start breaking out. When I use my own oils, though it did take some initial trial and error, I pretty much never break out. I want to try to go back to doing a mix of argan and jojoba, maybe add some other vitamin gels to even things out.

Products and Tools:

🛠️ Empty Nail Pens –
🛠️ Jojoba Oil –
🛠️ Vanilla Essential Oil –
🛠️ Some Grippy Stuff –
🛠️ Vice Grips –

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